99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Going To Culinary School

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From CulEpi Founder and Editor-In-Chief Regina Varolli comes the only complete guide to making decisions about culinary school.  Whether you’re looking to change careers in adulthood or thinking about what to do after high school, this book has you covered! This easy-to-read guide gives you all the information you need in order to make well-informed, wise decisions about your culinary education and future career path. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what top chefs and industry professionals have to say about 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Going To Culinary School!

Finally, an answer to every question I’ve ever gotten about Cooking Schools. Before you write that tuition check be sure to make a smaller investment and read 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Going To Culinary School.  It will help you make the right choices for you. ~ Bobby Flay, Chef/Owner Mesa Grill and Bar Americain


A ‘must read’ for any prospective student.  I love the fact that Regina has carefully crafted a ‘no nonsense’ book, thoughtful with clear and concise intent. This book clearly outlines the reality of expectation, exposes the dangers of empty promises made by unscrupulous schools simply hell bent on gathering students and personal financial return no matter what.  After reading these 99 Things that one needs to know, there is no excuse for lack of understanding, or exclaiming ‘I did not know.’  It is all here! ~ Kerry Vincent, Food Network Challenge Judge, Hall of Fame Sugar Artist, Author


All paths to or around culinary school should lead through Regina Varolli’s definitive guide.  The question of whether to go to culinary school is a scorchingly hot topic of debate in today’s restaurant industry. And while Varolli doesn’t take sides, she arms her readers to do so, ultimately making the right choice for them–and the industry. ~ Will Blunt, Managing Editor, StarChefs


This comprehensive book is a must-read for anyone even thinking about going to culinary school. Regina Varolli tells you everything you need to know about every aspect of the process, with topics ranging from how to research schools to hidden costs to getting the most out of your culinary school experience while you’re there. She even tells you what to expect after graduation. Read this book cover to cover before you send in that deposit! ~ Tish Boyle, Pastry Arts Editor-in-Chief, cookbook author of The Cake Book and The Good Cookie


Spending a small amount on this book will ultimately save your bank account before making the financial commitment to culinary school. Read this book and I guarantee you will have a better understanding if the culinary industry is right for you.  ~ Jerome Landrieu, Director, Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy


Regina Varolli offers honest, concise, and practical insight for anyone considering devoting their creative energy to culinary school.  With her honest, no nonsense commentary it is clear that she has walked the walk. ~ Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen, The World Wine Guys, Best-selling authors


Successful chefs need great ingredients and the right tools to create culinary masterpieces.  99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Going To Culinary School is the first must-have tool!  Don’t even think about culinary school until you’ve read this book. ~ Francine Segan, I.C.E cooking instructor and James Beard nominated cookbook author