CulEpi was founded by Regina Varolli and is supported by a handful of investors from the culinary and tech industries who believe in her vision to create the first-ever platform where people in the culinary and hospitality industry can share their voice and help to drive change rather than be the victims of it.  There’s a lot going on in our industry – and in the world – today, and now more than ever people in our industry are growing vocal, getting active, and exercising our substantial power.

While we’re proud to work with some awesome writers and editors, CulEpi isn’t just another platform dominated by food bloggers who have never actually worked in the industry. We’re more about taking current and former industry people who don’t consider themselves writers, and helping them develop their voice and create an impact with their ideas.

Along the way, we’re building some pretty cool resources behind the scenes that will help everyone in the industry to be the best they can be, to find the inspiration and resources they’re seeking.  We believe that when we share information and ideas freely, everyone can benefit.

Thanks for stopping by our little beta site with a big vision, we hope to see you again soon as we grow and strive to be better.  Send us your feedback on how you think we’re doing, and we hope you’ll share your voice with us, because yours is The Voice of An Industry!