A Serious(ly funny) Story About Going Sober

Adam Moskowitz, aka Mr. Moo, founder of The CheeseMonger Invitational, will blow you away in this YouTube convo. We first met at his event – aka “The Cheese Rave” – where he was wild, and wasted. Flash forward three years, and he’s still wild, but now he’s sober. You won’t believe his personal journey, which he recounts unabashedly and unreservedly. Your jaw will drop, your sides will split, your heart will break – and then mend – as Adam careens through his crazy and inspirational story of going sober.

Adam told me he’s happy when people reach out to him for help and inspiration, so feel free to ping him or follow him on Instagram or Facebook. There can be light at the end of a long dark tunnel, and I hope Adam inspires others whose lives are being dragged down by drugs or alcohol to reach up for the help they need to rebuild their lives.

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