‘All in the Industry’ Podcast Has Killer Convo with CulEpi Founder

Shari Bayer, the hospitable host of Heritage Radio’s popular podcast All in the Industry welcomed Regina Varolli into the Brooklyn studio this week for Episode 227, a candid convo about CulEpi, politics, the industry, and seeking inspiration in a challenging world.

CulEpi Founder & Editor-in-Chief Regina Varolli (left) and All in the Industry podcast host Shari Bayer (right) in the recording studio of Heritage Radio Network in Brooklyn, New York (Courtesy All in the Industry | Shari Bayer)

Host Shari Bayer founded Bayer Public Relations in 2003, and since then has represented numerous restaurants, chefs, and hotels. She brings her industry insider knowledge to every episode of All in The Industry, and her chat with Regina was a deep dive into some of the most important issues facing the industry – and the world – today.

Bringing her political acumen honed by years as a DC lobbyist, speechwriter, and human rights / women’s rights advocate, as well as her upbringing in the restaurant biz, Varolli filled the airwaves with a dynamic and sometimes controversial mix of opinions and anecdotes.

The conversation crackled with humor, inspiration, and insights, as Bayer and Varolli – who have been around the industry together for years – talked about topics ranging from immigration and refugees, women’s rights, the climate crisis, sustainable seafood, the PX+ Hospitality Festival, and more.

In five years of All in the Industry, Bayer has hosted some culinary giants, including Danny Meyer, Missy Robbins, Will Goldfarb, Florence Fabricant, Tom Colicchio, Carla Hall, Daniel Boulud, Nick Kokonas, and too many more to name here!

Thanks Shari for hosting our EIC too! We love your podcast, and your episode with Regina Varolli is now our favorite!

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