Ishwariya Rajamohan founded Love Letters to Chefs in 2015 with a vision of a better quality of life for every chef. It has slowly evolved into an educational platform, now offering workshops, resources, and 1-1 support for busy chefs who want to enjoy a better work-life balance.

In 2012, Ishwariya gave up a career in architecture to train as a pastry chef and pursue a childhood passion for baking. What she found during her experience in London kitchens was that the actions of those around her were grounded in negative self-worth and self-esteem (chasing validation, martyrdom, treating themselves and each other poorly). This appeared to be an archetypal pattern that extended to chefs across the industry, further reinforced by a kitchen culture that does us more harm than good.

Love Letters to Chefs is Ishwariya’s mission to find answers to the questions that arose for her: “Does the chef life have to be this way?”