Jovanacomes from an artistic background, but her enthusiasm lies in food. After graduating from film school and having several HR jobs across various fields, she still fantasized about the possibility of going to culinary school and subsequently getting a job in a kitchen, so in her free time, she decided to write about the two things she’s always been drawn to: food and culture.

For over a decade, Jovana has also been researching food in terms of history and culture, from crops to recipes, and everything in between. As a self-proclaimed amateur food historian, she has devoted her free time to food research and is interested in how food connects people no matter where they come from or who they are.

Despite not having any formal culinary education or professional kitchen experience, Jovana recently came across a team of people who believed that she could add value to their kitchen, and organization, and she is now moving to an off-the grid ski resort in a tiny place near the border with Montenegro and Kosovo in Serbia. In this new phase of her career, Jovana plans to journal about her experience and share with others about how she’s making sense of the world one meal at a time on her new culinary journey.