Meryle Evans is a Contributing Editor here at CulEpi.  A food journalist and culinary historian, Meryle has written extensively about the world’s cuisines.

A veteran in the industry, Meryle was an editor of The American Heritage Cookbook, the Horizon Cookbook, the 18 volume Southern Heritage Cookbook Library, and an associate editor of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America. Her articles have appeared in a variety of publications from Saveur to Gastronomica, on topics ranging from the history of gingerbread and vanilla to interviews with prominent chefs.

As a Contributing Editor for Food Arts, a monthly magazine for food professionals, Meryle covered cooking and culture from Australia to Chile, Turkey to Tunisia, for 25 years.  When the magazine was discontinued in 2014 she signed on as Contributing Editor for Dessert Professional Magazine. 

Meryle has also lectured widely, and was a guest curator for the exhibition The Confectioner’s Art at The American Craft Museum. Her large collection of early American cooking utensils has been donated to the Johnson & Wales Culinary Archives in Providence, R.I.