A ‘Candid Convo’ about Covid Restaurant Closures with Chef Neal Fraser

Introducing “Candid Convos with Restaurant Pros” brought to you by the folks here at CulEpi and hosted by our Editor-in-Chief Regina ‘G’ Varolli! Our soft opening is a Candid Convo with Chef Neal Fraser, co-owner of the acclaimed Redbird restaurant and the stunning Vibiana event space in downtown Los Angeles. Chef Neal, a Top Chef Masters alum and an Iron Chef champion, speaks candidly about how the COVID-19 restaurant closures have affected his business and his life, and there’s some eye-opening moments and important lessons you won’t want to miss.


Chef Neal was lucky enough to have a huge amount of outdoor dining space at Redbird in downtown LA, but his glorious (it was once a cathedral) event space Vibiana still stood empty. In this interview he dives deep into the challenges he and most all of the industry is facing at work, and at home.

Just a small section of the sprawling outdoor dining at Redbird that Chef Neal Fraser was able to operate in Los Angeles before the November 25th closure. (Image courtesy Redbird)

We’re excited to be launching our Candid Convos with Restaurant Pros, and we have lots more awesome guests on the menu and will be rolling out new episodes on the regular. We’ve got a lot to learn about producing video, so it’s going to be fun, exciting and fresh, and always off the cuff!

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