Cider Week Returns to NYC with Ciderfeast Kick-Off

It’s Cider Week NYC… and we’re talking hard ciders, of course!  Founded in 2011 by Glynwood, a Hudson Valley non-profit, Cider Week started out as a way to celebrate and promote the region’s amazing agriculture. Cider, as a long-time American and European tradition, has been making a strong comeback as of late, and we’re taking this opportunity to celebrate the many varieties of cider out there, ranging from the sweetest of sweet to the driest of dry.

Barrika Basque Cidermakers (left) are just as excited as Jimmy Carbone (right) is for Ciderfeast NYC this week!  (Image courtesy Jimmy Carbone | Cider Week)

My pub, Jimmy’s No. 43, hosted Cider Week’s first organizational meeting and press/trade tastings back in the day, which, lucky for me, meant that I was on the ground floor of its creation! Over the years, I’ve gotten to know some of the top cider makers in the biz, and with their help, Beer Sessions Radio and Jimmy’s No. 43 will once again be hosting our annual tasting event, Ciderfeast NYC on Saturday November 10th from 1-4PM at Biba of Williamsburg.

Pouring cider like this takes some serious finesse! Learn how at Ciderfeast NYC alongside Barrika Basque’s David Cascione. (Image Courtesy Jimmy Carbone | Cider Week)

While Cider Week’s general focus will be on locally produced ciders, our event will stretch from NY and beyond, highlighting ciders from Spain, France and Germany as well. Come by and experience them all along with some tasty bites and live music! Tickets can be purchased online for $45.

And as a way to enjoy the rest of Cider Week NYC, I recommend visiting some of my favorite specialty beer bars and bottle shops that always have a great selection of NY state ciders:

Make sure to also check out some newly opened tasting rooms in Brooklyn that are sure to be hot spots for cider makers and fans this week:

  • Bad Seed Brooklyn, Prospect Heights: A tap room with a neighborhood bar feel complete with an equal number of beers as ciders and tasting flights!
  • Brooklyn Cider House, Bushwick: A recreation of a typical Spanish cider restaurant, this new spot will be featuring events and tastings all week.

Check out the Cider Week NYC website for events and more venues.

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