Thanks for your interest in contributing to CulEpi! Here’s some guidelines for you to navigate the process from pitch to publication.

First – because we know it’s important to be clear here – some articles do qualify for payment ($50 per article, flat rate, for approximately 800 – 1,500 words), and other articles of a different nature do not qualify for payment.

Our Paying Market

Articles that include independent research or interviews, are not OpEd and do not directly promote or tie in with your work, event, product, or business. Some examples of Paid Submissions:

Here’s the Real Dirt on Restaurant Letter Grades

Big-Hearted Bakeries Give Second Chance Careers

Chef Eric Ripert: An Interview of Ideals

Dominique Crenn on Activism, Politics & Influence

For Pichet Ong, DC’s Cherry Blossoms Are a Piece of Cake

The Seriously Scary Stuff You’ll Find in Pet Food

Two Gay Male Chefs Talk Pride, in Themselves and Their Work

The CBD Industry: An Incredible Edible Struggle

Our OpEd & Promotional Market (Non-Paying)

Here’s some examples of articles that are NOT included in our paying market. They include Opinion & Editorial pieces (OpEd), issue-based stories that are derived from a specific organization or business as part of their mission, articles that allow for passive promotion of a business, product, event, etc.

New Zealand Defies Myths About Farmed Fish

Making Masks Mandatory, for Restaurants Sake!

Poisonous Plastic: The Secret Ingredient On Your Menu

Dreading Yelp As Restaurants Reopen for Service

Why & How I Take Action for Women’s Reproductive Rights

I’m Plating Up with L.A. Chefs to End Child Abuse

From Yale Science & JBA Cheffing to Complex Cold Brew

Santa Barbara Vermouth Starts Local, Finishes Smooth

Sustainable Alternatives to the Big, Bad Meat Biz: Some Facts You May Not Know


If we accept your pitch, we’ll specify if it falls into our paying or non-paying market before you invest your time drafting the article. This way it will be up to you to submit the full article knowing in advance if you will be compensated the $50 flat rate or not.

Author Profile Page

All contributors will get an Author Profile Page where you can feature your bio, promote your business, social, product(s), book(s), and website(s). Just click on any story by-line to see some existing Author Profile Pages.

No Contract

We publish on a per-article basis, and all contributors – even those previously published on CulEpi – should pitch any new ideas they have. If you submit a fully written article without pitching us first, or if your article does not adhere to the agreed upon terms, we do not guarantee we will publish your submission. 

Before You Send the Final Draft

We expect that all articles submitted for publication have undergone the following processes: spell-checking, fact-checking, embedding relevant URLs, verifying the correct spelling of names, locations, businesses, etc., verifying you have the rights to publish any quotes or images you use. If you are submitting an interview, we require our contributors to voice-record the interview and maintain the recording file for reference, in the event there arises a dispute over any particular quote. Please refer to and abide by our Image Submission Guidelines

Editorial Process

All articles that are accepted for publication will be subject to our editorial process which includes: review by our editorial team, edits to your article by our editorial team, fact-checking, revisions requested from our editorial team, and choosing a title (which may or may not be the title you originally submit). When your article is accepted for publication, you are agreeing to our editorial process.

Company Ethos

All contributors should read and abide by our Company Ethos.

Publication Agreement

All contributors, by the fact of their agreeing to be published on CulEpi, are hereby agreeing to all the stipulations in these Contributor Guidelines.

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