Forget Getting Tipsy, This California Wine Gets You High on THC

Looking for a different kind of buzz in a bottle?  Move over alcohol, because wine just went alcohol-free with a jolt of THC!  Rebel Coast Winery has introduced the world’s first THC-infused – zero alcohol – Sauvignon Blanc, so wine lovers and marijuana connoisseurs alike can enjoy a new, innovative way to chill with friends, complement a meal, or unwind at the end of a long day.

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  Bottles of Rebel Coast Winery’s new THC-infused Sauvignon Blanc. (Image courtesy Rebel Coast)

Thanks to ebbu, a cannabinoid technology company, Sonoma-based Rebel Coast winemakers can have all traces of alcohol removed from their Sauv Blanc, then THC extract is added, without any change in flavor or bouquet. ebbu’s HydroPS technology, a water-soluble, shelf-stable solution, can infuse cannabinoids and THC in a range of products while providing fast and reliable “sensations.”  No wondering when your buzz is going to creep up on you, no deliberating how much of that brownie should you eat, ebbu’s technology completely takes the guessing out of the game.

“No alcohol, no hangover, and best of all, only 35 calories per glass,” said Chip Forsythe, Rebel Coast Co-Founder & Winemaker, in a press release. “Rebel Coast Winery wanted to make sure consumers could enjoy themselves and have confidence that they wouldn’t overdo it with THC.”

Rebel Coast Co-Founder Chip Forsythe, who started making wine from his college dorm in 2004. (Image courtesy Rebel Coast)

One bottle contains 20 milligrams of THC, giving each glass a mild dose of 5 mg THC. Other edible products tend to have higher doses and need a couple hours to take effect, but this wine kicks in within a few minutes and won’t surprise its drinker with more than they bargained for.  Rebel Coast boasts the bouquet and flavor profile of a traditional Sauv Blanc with crisp, citrus notes, and a glass of Rebel Coast’s cannabis-infused wine can be enjoyed like any other wine, just with a different kind of kick. 

While we at CulEpi can’t yet provide our personal testimonial on Rebel Coast’s Sauvignon Blanc, we’re based out of NYC and can’t legally sample it here, our founder / Editor-in-Chief Regina Varolli, a native Californian, said, “You can bet your best buds I’ll be trying this next time I’m in Cali!”

The cork on the Rebel Coast THC-infused Sauv Blanc letting you know what’s inside! (Image Courtesy Rebel Coast)

Retailing at $59.99 a bottle, this Sauv Blanc is only available in California for adults 21 and older, but Rebel Coast will expand its sales to other states where pot’s gone legal, as well as Canada, and internationally in the spring of 2019. The winery has other big ideas in the works, like a cannabis-infused Rosé and sparkling wine, as well as non-psychotropic wines infused with cannabidiol (CBD), known for its many wellness benefits.

With this THC-infused wine, a world of possibilities opens up for people who can’t, or choose not to, drink alcohol for health or psychological reasons. Now, thanks to ebbu’s technology and Rebel Coast’s vines, they can enjoy the taste of wine, catch a buzz, and stay alcohol-free. “Rebel Coast Winery is smartly thinking ahead of the curve,” said ebbu CEO Jon Cooper. “Cannabis-infused beverages are one of the fastest growing segments of the California market, and this is a sign of even more exciting things to come.”

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