Thanks for being a guest on Dining Table Talk w/ G Varolli!

Just a few tips to help things run smoothly (because tips are always a good thing).

  • Format ~ This will be a recorded video chat on Zoom. You’ll receive an email or text from someone here at CulEpi with the info you need to log into the call, so please be sure you have your own Zoom account.
  • Location ~ Please scope out a spot in your home or workplace where you’ll have enough lighting, as little background noise as possible, and ideally no interruptions (though the occasional visit from cute cats and dogs is never a bad thing).
  • Topic ~ You should have an idea of what you’ll discuss before you hop on Zoom. If you’d like a prep call to review anything, please reach out to schedule one with Gina.
  • Recording ~ When you log in to Zoom you’ll chat a bit with G, do sound and lighting check, and she’ll take a moment to answer any questions you may have. Then she’ll let you know when the recorded sesh is starting and give you a proper intro.
  • Duration ~ Please set aside about an hour in your schedule for the interview. We’re aiming to make each interview about 30 minutes, but with the initial chat and testing, and perhaps a post wrap sign-off, allow some wiggle room.
  • Glitches ~ We’re all seeing it on the major networks, so we’ll likely see it here too… the internet connection drops, screens freeze or go all psychedelic, that sort of thing. If any of this happens, we’ll attempt to reconnect right away. If G’s internet is down too long, she’ll use a mobile phone connection as a hotspot, so we suggest you’re familiar with this on your end as well, just in case you need a back up connection.
  • Promotion ~ When your interview is up on YouTube, we hope you will share it with your network, mailing list, and on social because we’re all about word of mouth!
  • We’ll ask you for some images to run on our social and for use on YouTube and CulEpi. 
  • Like everything we do at CulEpi, these new Talks are all about industry voices making a positive impact on the world! We aim to talk openly about whatever comes into the conversation, tackle tough issues, get personal and political, try to find humor wherever it’s possible, and encourage the audience to make a positive impact themselves. Thank you for sharing your voice!
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