Thanks for contributing images to CulEpi! Here’s a handy guide for submitting images to our editorial team.

Please upload all images to a shared Dropbox folder, or other non-expiring file-sharing site, or email to your CulEpi contact person.

Choose images that reflect the narrative of the story / Convo and as far as possible specifically depict things you’re discussing.

Each image size should be Min 2MB – Max 6MB.

Make sure all images are in focus and not blurry.

Include at least one image that’s oriented horizontally for use as a feature image (see homepage carousel). All feature images need to be about 800 wide x 430 high).

Submit your images even before you submit your draft article and before you appear on Candid Convos, as this gives our team the time to review them and make any further requests or ask for clarifications.

Include descriptive captions that clearly correspond to each individual image. If describing food please provide a good amount of detail, name people in the images (left to right), name events, places, etc.

Include image credits at the end of each caption / description, citing the photographer (if applicable) and “Courtesy” in the following format:

  • (Photo by Jane Smith | Courtesy Happy Restaurant)
  • (Image Courtesy Happy Restaurant) – when no photographer is named
  • (Image ©Jane Smith | Courtesy Happy Restaurant) – when there’s a copyright by the photographer
  • (Image ©Happy Publishing House) when there’s no photographer named, and the image is copyright by the provider
  • (©Clay Williams for 111 Rooftops) – photographer copyright for a book, when the publisher is not the copyright